About Professor Joyce Latimer

Dr. Latimer is the Extension Specialist for Greenhouse Crops for Virginia. She assists local VCE agents in solving grower problems and develops educational programming for commercial greenhouse operators. She also serves as an educational advisor to the Virginia Flower Growers Association. Dr. Latimer conducts research on plant growth and development with an emphasis on growth regulation of herbaceous perennials. She also works with conditioning, plant/pest relationships, and production of greenhouse-grown crops.

Posts by Professor Joyce Latimer :

Timing of Configure Application Affects Pot Fill of Echinacea

Echinacea is one of the herbaceous perennial crops that is very responsive to Configure (BA, Fine Americas, Inc.) applications. Early applications can improve plant branching resulting in improved pot fill early in the crop cycle. This video shows research results from Virginia Tech on the...
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Concise Label Update Includes Liner Soaks

In case you missed the news, the Concise (uniconazole, Fine Americas, Inc.) label has been updated to include liner soaks for bedding plants and other herbaceous flowering and foliage plants. To access a new specimen label, visit http://fine-americas.com/products/usa/ornamental/concise. We have conducted significant research on using...
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PGRs on Perennials: Concise Use Tips

By Joyce Latimer Concise (uniconazole, Fine Americas, Inc.) is a plant growth regulator (PGR) used in greenhouse and nursery structures (lath or shade houses) to regulate shoot growth of bedding plants, garden mums, poinsettias, herbaceous perennials, bulb crops, woody ornamentals, and other containerized crops. Concise...
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PGRs on Perennials: Agastache spp.

By Joyce Latimer, Virginia Tech Another group of herbaceous perennials that attract the hummingbirds is Agastache spp. Popular Agastache flowers come in a variety of species and cultivars that are commonly called the giant hyssops or hummingbird mints. And regardless of the color, these tubular...
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PGRs on Perennials: Monarda didyma

By Joyce Latimer, Virginia Tech Ahhh, it’s hummingbird time! Everyone loves those tall, bright beebalm flowers attracting those adorable birds to the home garden. However, homeowners have no clue how tough it is for growers to get those vigorous “weeds” to the garden center looking...
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PGRs on Perennials: Buddleia spp.

Butterfly bushes (Buddleia spp.) are great perennial flowering plants to meet the current interest in pollinator gardens. These very vigorous plants are typically grown as herbaceous perennials although they become quite woody in the landscape. We’ve conducted several PGR trials with different cultivars using uniconazole...
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