Professor Joyce Latimer

About Professor Joyce Latimer

Dr. Latimer is the Extension Specialist for Greenhouse Crops for Virginia. She assists local VCE agents in solving grower problems and develops educational programming for commercial greenhouse operators. She also serves as an educational advisor to the Virginia Flower Growers Association. Dr. Latimer conducts research on plant growth and development with an emphasis on growth regulation of herbaceous perennials. She also works with conditioning, plant/pest relationships, and production of greenhouse-grown crops.

Posts by Professor Joyce Latimer :

Growth Control of Perennial Ferns

By Joyce Latimer, Virginia Tech Production of hardy ferns is becoming increasingly profitable as demand for these herbaceous perennials increases. However, growth management, especially of the larger species, in one-gallon pots can be very difficult. At the request of a grower, we tested the use...
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Determining PGR Drench Rates

  Growers are increasingly interested in drench applications of Piccolo, but the time required to test all crops for effective rates is excessive. We wanted to see if we could determine a ratio between effective Piccolo 10 XC spray and drench applications based on plant...
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