Reminder – Now is the Time for Configure Applications to Your Herbaceous Perennial Liners

As those liners get rooted in or the liner trays start arriving, it’s time to start planning your Configure applications. Here are just a few examples of results we have seen with herbaceous perennials along with guidelines for application under your own growing conditions. Although these examples show work on liners we rooted, you can still use these principles by treating liners you purchase shortly after arrival – as long as they are actively growing – and then treat again two weeks later.

Recommendations for Configure Applications

  • Make the first application of 300 to 600 ppm Configure when liners are fairly well rooted (recently off mist), or for purchased liners, have broken dormancy and are actively growing.
    • Liners should have at least 2 to 4 leaves at the time of spray applications.
  • Repeat application within one week after potting but at least two weeks after the first application. The interval between the applications MUST be at least two weeks to avoid potential phytotoxicity!!
  • Use the recommended spray application volume (1 gallon per 200 square feet) to thoroughly wet leaves.
    • Good coverage is critical since Configure is primarily taken up by the leaves and/or the buds in the basal crown.
  • Apply Configure foliar sprays when plants are under low stress conditions.
  • Add a good surfactant to your spray solution.
    • The Configure label permits but does not require additional surfactants. While we have found excellent results without it, others have successfully used Capsil with Configure. Use a surfactant labeled for your crop and follow label directions.
  • Keep records of your applications and results.

As with all new applications, test Configure for phytotoxic responses on new crops. We have seen severe phytotoxicity on several Aster cultivars and excessive delays in flowering with several Gallardia cultivars.

In summary, Configure has a niche in the production of herbaceous perennials by improving basal or lateral branching, which improves plant appearance and quality and provides more rapid pot fill. Make plans now to include Configure in your spring production.