Concise Label Update Includes Liner Soaks

In case you missed the news, the Concise (uniconazole, Fine Americas, Inc.) label has been updated to include liner soaks for bedding plants and other herbaceous flowering and foliage plants. To access a new specimen label, visit

We have conducted significant research on using Concise for liner soaks of herbaceous perennials and found good growth regulation of vigorous crops. For example, on ornamental grasses, Concise liner soaks were much more effective than foliar spray applications (Photo 1). Remember that liner soaks are intended to provide baseline control. You may need to make additional applications of growth retardants later in production. However, for many of the herbaceous perennials that you may be moving or growing outdoors after potting, the liner soak applied in the potting shed at planting may provide sufficient season-long control, reducing the need to make outdoor applications.

General guidelines for liner soak applications are:

  • Plugs/liners should be ready for irrigation = “dry” plug
  • Time of soaking is not critical. Establish a consistent protocol of 30 sec to 2 min
  • Be consistent in your moisture level, stage of development, and length of soaking time
  • You can plant immediately or hold the liners and even retreat if necessary
  • There is no loss of effectiveness of dip solution, so you can discard it by using it as a drench on appropriate crops
  • Liner soaks have less potential to delay flowering when compared to overhead drench or foliar sprays

In conclusion, you have another tool in your PGR Toolkit. Hope you’re ready for a fantastic spring season.