PGR Mixing Tool: PGR Mix Master Update

Brian Whipker, North Carolina State University

A new 2.0 version of the PGR Mix Master app has been created by Dr. Brian Krug in partnership with Fine Americas.  This free mobile app is web-based and can be used for calculating PGR mixing rates.  PGR Mix Master can be used on any mobile device, computer, or tablet with web access.  It calculates PGR mixing rates for sprays and drenches for most of the common chemicals available for ornamentals.

It is available for access from the e-GRO website at:

Steps for Calculating PGR Mixing Rates

  1. When one opens the e-GRO website (, the MixMaster App is one of the icons displayed under the top e-GRO banner.
  2. To calculate mixing rates, click on the icon to open the app.
  3. From the pull down menu, select the PGR that you will be using.
  4. Click on the unit of measure you want the results to be presented in (US Standard vs Metric).
  5. Enter the volume of solution desired.
  6. Enter the ppm concentration of the solution needed.
  7. Hit Calculate, and the app will display the required amount of PGR and water to use for mixing your PGR treatment.

It is that easy.  The PGR Mix Master app is a great tool to quickly help you do the mixing math.