Plant Growth Regulator Piccolo® 10 XC Available in Canada

Proven, highly concentrated, clear formulation is easier to pour, handle

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (January 20, 2016) – Canadian ornamental growers recently added a new tool to their plant growth regulator (PGR) arsenals: Piccolo® 10 XC from Fine Americas, Inc.

Piccolo® 10 XC’s advanced formulation is the only paclobutrazol (or “paclo”) product formulated in a true solution instead of a suspension. This advantage overcomes potential settling problems associated with older suspension products, eliminating the need to shake heavy 10 liter jugs full of product in order to ensure even distribution of the active ingredient.

“Piccolo® 10 XC is an exciting new PGR formulation for Canadian growers,” said Jim Scruggs, technical service manager, Fine Americas. “Since Piccolo® 10 XC is a true solution, there’s no need to shake the product before mixing. It mixes quickly and evenly in the growers spray tank, providing growers more consistent results due to the uniform distribution of the active ingredient within the spray mixture.”

Piccolo® 10 XC offers the proven efficacy of Piccolo® and Bonzi® in a more concentrated advanced formulation.

In addition, Piccolo® 10 XC is 10 times more concentrated than traditional paclo products in the ornamental market.

“One litre of Piccolo® 10 XC equals 10 litres of traditional paclo products, requiring less handling and less storage space,” Scruggs added. “It also means less work fatigue for greenhouse staff since workers handle 1-litre bottles vs. large, heavy 10-litre plastic jugs.”

Piccolo® 10 XC is labeled for spray or drench applications for bedding plants, bedding plant plugs, herbaceous perennials, pot sunflowers, penstemon, geraniums, poinsettias and pot chrysanthemums. Growers should always read and follow label directions before using Piccolo® 10 XC or any plant growth regulator.

“Piccolo® 10 XC has been registered in the U.S. since 2011, where it quickly became the industry standard for paclobutrazol PGRs – a clear indication that growers appreciate its performance, convenience and overall value,” said Greg Johnson, president, Fine Americas. “We are excited to provide this advanced Piccolo® 10 XC formulation to Canadian growers.”

Piccolo® 10 XC is available through Kam’s Growers Supply Inc., in Guelph, Ontario.

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About Fine Americas, Inc.
Fine Americas focuses on the development and marketing of plant growth regulators for agricultural and ornamental crops. Fine is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and continually strives to improve plant growth regulator technology to meet the exacting demands of today’s quality-conscious growers.

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Piccolo® is a registered trademark of Fine Agrochemicals, Ltd. Bonzi® is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company.

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