Join Fine Americas Research Partners Brian Whipker and Joyce Latimer for PGR University Webinars Feb. 2-3

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As the industry leader in plant growth regulators (PGR), Fine Americas works hard to address ornamental growers’ needs by conducting and sponsoring ongoing research with experts in the field. Two of these experts, Brian Whipker (North Carolina State University) and Joyce Latimer (Virginia Tech), who are also regular contributors for the Fine Americas blog, will be hosting free webinars for ornamental growers on Thursday and Friday, February 2-3. The webinars are a part of PGR University and e-GRO’s* “PGR Week.”

Four Ideas to Use with Your Spring Crop
February 2, 2017
1 to 2 p.m. EST
Brian Whipker—North Carolina State University
Get a jump on spring with four ideas to use on your annual crop! Dr. Brian Whipker of North Carolina State University will discuss: (1) Pre-plant Liner Soaks, (2) How to Bulk Up Slow-Growing Annuals, (3) How PGRs Can Increase Leaf and Flower Color, and (4) Strategies for Avoiding Late-Season Stretch in Containerized Plants.

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Solving Four Mysteries of Using PGRs on Perennials
February 3, 2017
1 to 2 p.m. EST
Mara Grossman and Joyce Latimer—Virginia Tech
The devil of perennials production is in the details. Join us for solutions to four of the mysteries of using PGRs on herbaceous perennials! Mara Grossman and Joyce Latimer of Virginia Tech will discuss: (1) Echinacea Dilemma – Day length vs. PGRs, (2) Volume – Liner Soaks vs. Liner Drenches, (3) Branching or Growth Control? – Tank Mixes!, and (4) Oh, My Back!! – Avoiding Nursery Applications of PGRs.

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*e-GRO is a collaborative effort of floriculture specialists to create a new clearinghouse for alerts about disease, insect, environmental, physiological and nutritional disorders being observed in commercial greenhouses. Information is available about disorders, podcasts, and research. Bringing together some of the leading specialists from universities around the USA, e-GRO is a free resource and learning tool for anybody involved in greenhouse plant production.

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