Now federally registered for tree canopy management in apples and sweet cherries, and for shortening internode length in grass grown for seed and peanut plants.

In university research and private cooperators trials, Kudos has proven its value in apples and sweet cherries by reducing vegetative shoot growth and lessening the need for summer and dormant season pruning. Kudos also improves fruit color in red and bi-color apple varieties by allowing better light penetration into the tree canopy. Tests show that Kudos reduces the incidence and severity of fire blight in apples. And, Kudos also shortens internode length in grass grown for seed and peanut plants, increasing yield potential and improving the harvestability of these two crops.

Active Ingredient:
27.5% Prohexadione-calcium
Registered Crop:
apples, sweet cherries, grass grown for seed and peanuts
Pack Sizes:
4 x 2.5 kg

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